The images used to decorate these chariots were often times taken from the classical myths, one classical myth that must often times be dispelled by those in the know of carousel construction is that the animals are hollow, not solid like real live animals. Some animal-makers use the term "coffin construction" for the hollow body box which must be made before the animal shape is carved out. The chariots, on the other hand, were made from thick slabs of wood placed upright with a bench seat connecting them. There are several dining table and bench sets done in this way, "a la carousel", for a very stylish restaurant in New York City. Several Dentzel children have had the enjoyment of a unique rocking chariot located in their grandmother's library right next to the coffee table with the five different remote control hand-sets on top, all needed to operate the T.V., VCR, cable and special descrambler box (the fifth one is to operate the grandchildren). The chariot in many ways served as the model for many of the modern, high-tech, amusement rides which consist of attached cars full of benches and settles which go around sharp, and often wet, turns for a few quick minutes after a few long hours of waiting in a line.

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