Only a few dogs exist around the carousel world, some of them are Dentzels. Naturally a large dog was chosen by the early Dentzels in order to compete with the horses and zoo animals for riders. Bucking the trend though, a short legged, long tailed Corgi was made recently for contemporary Dentzel Carousel no. 5 in Davis, California. His name is "Bob" and is one of the most popular animals on the ride. One might think that a dog would be placed behind a cat as the two are often thought to be on an endless game of chase. This is not the case, normal dogs and cats like each other, it is only when they are fed the wrong brand of food or are not supervised during their T.V. viewing time that things get out of hand and they become snippy. The Dentzels fed their animals organic vegetarian pet food from the co-op, only let them watch nature shows and Mr. Rogers on T.V. and thus were able to place the dogs and cats right next to each other for company on the long carousel of life.

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