Zebra circa 1900 Gustav

Although similar to the horse, zebras don't take to domestication quite as well. Anyone who has handled zebras would say this is an understatement. If you take a look at your life or medical insurance policy you will notice that written quite clearly in medium sized print on the top of the first page is the following: "Under no circumstance will this policy be valid for death or injury occurring while zebra riding or zebra viewing from a distance of less than 500 feet, in fact, you will be fined a 25% reduction in the benefits of this policy on all other issues for any interference with the life style and/or pursuit of happiness of a zebra." Thus spoken you might better understand the old gothic saying "once struck by zebra, twice stuck in quicksand of eternity". Not to worry if you are a carousel lover, the wooden black and white stripped animals called zebras on a carousel are actually horses recarved and painted to look like zebras, so, they are not actually zebras.

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