William H. Dentzel, Carouselmaker
owner of Dentzel Carousel Company

a Family Tradition Since 1837
Occasional Sales and Rentals

Custom Animals
Giraffe Balançoire
Galloping Mechanism
Rocking Chariot

Menagerie Carousel
Custom Parlor Animals

Wm H. Dentzel painting Emu
Dentzel Québecois Balançoire sur Roues
The "Tower of Giraffes", a rare and unique piece of animated furniture which will give many years of delightful service.
Cherrywood Swing-seat/Glider
Seats Four with a Table
Coin-Operated Music System and Lighting
Scoop Window with Balancoire
Gondola top fabric not yet installed.

5 comfortable gliders
Gliding while enjoying ice cream.
Dentzel Coin Operated Galloping Mechanism
Single Rider, $10,000.
Double Rider, $14,000.
  Elevated Ice Cream Buffalo with Wings
Elevated Ice Cream, Port Townsend WA

Arcata Scoop Galloping Mechanism
Arcata Scoop Ice Cream, Arcata CA
Double Rocking Horse Chariot
Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large
$1,595. - $1,995. - $2,195 - $2,495.
Double Rocking Horse Chariot - Small
Small size model shown above.

Arcata Bay Window
Medium size model shown above.

Dentzel "Flying Horses" Menagerie Carousel
Electric and/or Human Powered
20 Foot Diameter, carrys 10 riders
Purchase: $80,000. Rental: inquire.
Davis Foot-Pedal MGR
Central Park, Davis CA, Foot-Pedal

Sunny Hopland Solar Carousel
Hopland CA, Solar-Electric
William H. Dentzel

Carouselmaker and Carousel Animal Appraisals
Port Townsend, Washington
Email: bilito@gmail.com
Cell: 360-531-2812


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Galloping Mechanism

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