Ochusjob, Chiapas, Chariot 1982 photo by Antonio Turok


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Carousel Animal Appraisals

Have Your Carousel Animal or Carousel Art Piece Professionally Appraised for $100.

William Dentzel will examine your carousel animal or other carousel art piece, either in person or by extensive use of photographs. The origin, comments on unique characteristics, and current market value of your piece will be estimated. A photo will be attached to the appraisal document. You will be emailed the document as an attachment which you can print and save. By request a hard copy of the appraisal can be sent in the mail, needed is postal address for this optional service. Cost of appraisal: $100. per item appraised. Payment can be by; check in the mail to William H. Dentzel, 843 53rd Street, Port Townsend WA 98368, or with PayPal, credit to account "bilito@gmail.com".

A brief list of suggestions on how to market your animal can also be included. When requesting an appraisal it is best to send smaller file digital photos as attachments. Photos need to include: 1.) full side view, 2.) torso close-up, 3.) underneath looking up at belly from below,4.)  from above looking down at saddle and back of animal, 5.) additional close-up detail shots of your choice. Also needed, brief notes on the animal's history and/or restoration (who did it) and any other relevant provenance information you might have.

Below is a link to a sample appraisal document.

Link to sample appraisal.